Toronto’s Friendliest Bicycle Club


About us : The Toronto Bicycle Club was founded in 1983. We are known as the friendliest, most enjoyable and as a truly sociable bicycle club. We are also a very comprehensive bicycle club, which provides a wide range of cycling and social activities such as Tuesday Night and Friday Night riding tours, Sunday Road or Mountain Bike rides and our very popular weekend excursions. Let us not forget our exciting and fun socials.

We are a not-for-profit bicycle club. Volunteers are the heart of our bicycle club. By getting involved, as our members do, this will allow you to benefit the most from the club. All members, new and returning, are welcome to come out, participate and have fun this spring, summer and fall.

We go out of our way to make our new members feel a part of our family.


Members receive a weekly news letter that includes a handbook describing all rides, events,  trips and cycling tips and club info  – If you are not receiving newsletter please check your Email setting to make sure it is not being moved to a spam folder.

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You can also check our Meetup Group and Facebook Group for the latest events and information.