Online Application

The fee for your club membership is $20.,

If you choose to become a member of our fun and friendly bicycle club:

1st — Complete the online application by clicking here.
2nd — Click the Buy Now button below and pay for your membership via credit card.

Note that on the PayPal page, to pay with Credit Card, click below on “Pay with Credit Card”.

Please note that you must submit your on-line application as well as your payment in order to complete your application.

Apply at FITS Night or the Trip Sign-up Night

You can also apply for a membership at one of our social events, such as FITS Night or the Trip Sign-up Night. Please download, print and sign the Application, Waiver and the Code of Conduct forms. All three documents must be completed and brought to the event to being considered for membership.

Methods of Payment

A. Via PayPal

PayPal ( use buttons on the website)

B. Via Cheque or Cash (at select events – FITS, Trip Sign up)

Please make Cheques Payable to:
Toronto Bicycle Club

Upon Acceptance

You will receive an electronic handbook and a membership card upon approval of your application. The electronic handbook includes all the details of our rides, trips, policies and contact information.

For general information on membership registration contact

Trip Sign-up 

You can also download the Trip Application Form in the same way, pre-fill and bring it to the Trip Sign-up Night.