The TBC began in April of 1983 as an informal group of friends from the HPSC who wanted to keep themselves busy in between ski seasons. The co-ordinator of the group was Al Pidutti. The group started with about 30 people who had weekly rides and some weekend getaways. As the club grew Al became the first president.

Several years later, Al stepped down and Tom Ryall became the second president in 1988. Tom maintained the role for 12 years with the assistance of Doug Murray.

In 2000, Glenn Ginou became the president and temporarily shared the role with Dennis Carter who became the main president in 2001. Dennis was the main president, but his wife, Vicki Carter played a central role in managing the club.

In 2010, Bruno D. Garisto became the current president. Bruno shares the responsibility of leading and managing the club with an active and talented executive. At our annual AGM, all members provide input into the mission/vision of the club creating a culture of shared leadership and gratitude for volunteering. The tremendous work and talents of our volunteers is the basis of the TBC being the most exciting, fun and comprehensive bicycle club in the GTA.

At an AGM in 2010 it was decided to change the name from High Park Bicycle Club to Toronto High Park Bicycle Club in order to reflect that our club serves all of Toronto and the GTA, not just the High Park community.

In 2013 we celebrated our 30th anniversary and started a meet-up site in order to keep up with current trends and to make our club known to other cycling enthusiasts.

Now it is the 2015 season and it was decided at our 2014 AGM to complete the transition of our name to, “Toronto Bicycle Club” and our website to “tbccycling.ca.

In keeping with the spirit of growth, and in meeting the needs of our members all transactions are to be done on-line.  We continue to be “the friendliest bicycle club” who “enjoy riding for the fun of it”.